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Start with Basic Ideas of Chemistry and Physics

Since each one of us is a delicate balance of matter and energy, I thought about adding words related to Matter and Energy, specifically the Elements and some basic concepts in chemistry. If I have erred here, please let me know so I can correct the errors. I always want to have the best, most up-to-date vocabulary information, that's why I need good readers like you. I thank you, again.

modus scientiae 2m: scientific method.
elementum chemicum 2n : chemical element.
atomus, -ī 2f : atom.
nucleus, -ī 2m : nucleus.
protō,-ōnis 3n : proton.
neutrō,-ōnis 3n : neutron.
electrō,-ōnis, 3n : electron. See also electronium.
electronium,-ī 2n : electron. See also electrō.
iōn, iōntis 3n : ion. See also cation and anion.
cathion, -ōntis 3n : cation. See also cation.
cation, -ōntis 3n : cation. See also cathion.
anion, -ōntis 3n : anion.
iontizātiō, -ōnis 3f : ionization.
energia iontizātiōnis 1f : ionization energy.
onus electricum 3n : electric charge.
numerus atomicus 2m : atomic number, represented by Z.
atomicus, -a, -um adj. : atomic.
isotopus,-ī 2m : isotope. See also isotopium.
isotopium,-ī 2n : : isotope. See also isotopus.
massa atomica 1f : atomic mass.
molecūla, -ae 1f : molecule.
matēria, -ae 1f : matter.
energia, -ae 1f : energy.
status matēriae 4m : state of matter.
solidum,-ī 2n : solid
liquidum,-ī 2n : liquid
gasum,-ī 2n : gas.
plāsma,-ătis 3n : plasma.
punctum criticum 2n: critical point.
punctum triplum 2n : triple point
concentrātiō,-ōnis 3f: concentration
temperatura, -ae 1f : temperature.
pressiō,-ōnis 3f : pressure.
linea transitiōnis 1f : transition line.
fluidum,-ī 2n : fluid
capacitās, -tātis 3 : capacity.
volumen, -inis 3n : volume.
densitās, -tātis 3f : density.
sal, salis 3m : salt.
crystallum -ī, 2n vel crystallus, -ī 2f : crystal.
vinculum chemicum 2n : chemical bond.
vinculum ionicum 2n : ionic bond.
vinculum covalēns apolare 2n : non-polar covalent bond.
vinculum covalēns polare 2n : polar covalent bond.
electronegātivitās, -tātis 3f : electronegativity.
electronegātivus, -a, -um {adj} : electronegative.
electropositivus, -a, -um {adj} : electropositive.
polaris, -is, -e {adj} : polar
apolaris, -is, -e {adj} : non-polar
covalēns, -entis {adj} : covalent.
vinculum hydrogēnicum : hydrogen bond.
vīrēs van der Walls 3fpl : van der Walls forces.
ligatiō metallica 3f : metal alloy
solutiō, -ōnis 3f : solution.
potēntia hydrogēniī 1f : pH
alcali,-lis 3n : alkali, base. See alcalium.
alcalium, -ī 2n : alkali, base. See alcali.
metallum alkalinum (vel alkalicum) 2n : alkali metal
systema periodicum 3n : periodic table.
gasa nobilia 2npl : nobel gases
metalla transitiōnis 2npl : transition metals
halogenica, -ōrum 2npl : halogens.
actinida, -ōrum 2npl : actinides.
lanthanida, -ōrum 2npl : lanthanides.
non metalla, -ōrum 2npl : non metals.
metalloida, -ōrum 2npl : metalloids.
metalla alkalica terrena 2npl : alkali earth metals.
alkalinus, -a, -um : alkaline. See alkalicum.
alkalicum, -a, -um : alkaline.  See alkalinus.

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